Capital market legal advisory services

PwC Legal has professionals with extensive legal experience in the capital market sector. For corporations that seek to raise funds in the capital market, we can provide the corporations with capital market and securities related legal services including, but not limited to: assistance to corporations in the offering of convertible corporate bonds; assistance to foreign corporations in the application for listing of shares on Taiwan Stock Exchange (“TWSE”) or Over-the-Counter (“OTC”); legal advisory services relating to the offering of foreign securities, application services for distributor of offshore funds; assistance and legal advisory services relating to the sale of bad debts by banking institutions; and assistance and legal advisory services relating to asset securitization.

Key areas of expertise include:

Primary and Secondary Listing of Shares on TWSE or OTC by Foreign Corporation;

  • Assisting foreign issuers in legal- or tax-related aspects of corporate restructuring prior to listing on TWSE or OTC;
  • Assisting foreign issuer to amend its Articles of Incorporation and constituent corporate documents to comply with Taiwan requirements;
  • Coordinating with foreign counsels in conducting legal due diligence on the foreign issuer and its related entities;
  • Drafting the requisite listing legal opinions;
  • Reviewing the offering memorandum and other related listing application documents, and assisting the foreign issuer and its related entities in complying with applicable laws and regulations;
  • Acting as underwriter counsel in listings on TWSE or OTC to review the due diligence results and legal opinion of foreign attorney in accordance with the requirements of the authorities, and assist the underwriter in reviewing the offering memorandum of the foreign issuer and other legal documentation.
  • Offering of International Securities

Offering of International Securities

  • Acting as counsel to issuers on international offerings;
  • Assisting issuers to comply with applicable laws and regulations;
  • Assisting issuers to draft or review requisite issuance documentation and depositary, custodian, underwriting and other relevant agreements;
  • Assisting in negotiations with underwriter counsel and underwriter on due diligence results and conditions for offering;
  • Issuing the requisite legal opinions.
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