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A guide to Taiwan’s health industries

Taiwan captured the international spotlight for its effective handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, thanks in large part to its world-class universal healthcare system and a comprehensive digital health infrastructure.

Also, Taiwan is at the forefront of concerted global efforts to research and produce a coronavirus vaccine, supported by a burgeoning biopharmaceutical sector that is set to become a regional hub for drug R&D.

These developments are helping to attract more interest from international health and biomedical companies in the Taiwan market and the opportunities for growth and investment, as well as innovation collaboration.

PwC has produced a comprehensive guide (up to date as of August 2020) to help interested parties to understand and explore Taiwan’s healthcare, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical device sectors.

It examines the opportunities and challenges for market players, and also takes a closer look at important local industry topics like digital health, long-term care, precision medicine and international collaboration.

To have a deeper discussion or learn how PwC can help, contact Health Industries Leader Lily Wong.

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