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Taiwan overview

Taiwan is undergoing a major energy transition, with the current government targeting to eliminate nuclear power from the island by 2025 and to replace it with a vast new renewable energy sector, especially solar and offshore wind. This is attracting considerable investment interest as a result.

It has set ambitious targets to change the underlying fuel mix — a “20-30-50” formula that would see 20% of power generated by renewable sources, just 30% from coal, and 50% from natural gas by 2025.

Also, the government has listed green and renewable energy as one of the six core strategic industries for priority development, viewing it as a clean source of energy and a potentially valuable export industry.

As part of efforts to promote Taiwan as a renewable energy hub, the government has adopted several supporting policies and programmes, including the Renewable Energy Development Act, the Taiwan Renewable Energy Certificate (T-REC) programme, and the renewable portfolio standard scheme.

How PwC can help

The strategic development of Taiwan’s renewable energy market is creating significant investment opportunities for developers, investors and others across a number of key areas, including renewable power generation, energy storage, demand-side management, and electric vehicle charging.

Our New Energy Services team has extensive hands-on knowledge and professional experience of Taiwan’s energy sector and regulations, and we can support you to seize the emerging market opportunities, find suitable local partners, and build a successful renewable energy business in Taiwan.

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Renewable energy demand side

1. Carbon management and green power procurement strategy

General issues at this stage
  • Estimate carbon emission and reduction amount and determine emissions reduction targets
  • Procure renewable energy and certificate
  • Comply with ESG requirement  
Solutions we offer
  • Green power procurement strategy
  • Carbon verification and quantification advisory services / Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) assessment
  • Corporate CSR and ESG guidelines

2. Green power trading

General issues at this stage
  • Determine the type of renewable energy and volume to procure
  • CPPA structure
  • Comply with the compulsory green power procurement
Solutions we offer
  • Benefit and cost analysis on green power procurement
  • CPPA contract advisory services
  • Tax advisory services
  • Financial reporting and accounting advisory services
  • TREC application

3. Searching for investment targets in the renewable energy sector

General issues at this stage
  • Assessment of Taiwan energy policy and regulation
  • Assessment of energy project economics and project development
  • Investment structure and capital structure
Solutions we offer
  • Taiwan power market and regulatory assessment
  • M&A and J&V advisory services
  • Legal contract review
  • Tax structuring and advisory services

4. Construction of power plants or renewable energy facilities

General issues at this stage
  • Tender preparation
  • Financing options
  • Tax, legal, and audit compliance
  • ESG compliance
Solutions we offer
  • Tender strategy and document support
  • Financial modeling and debt advisory services
  • Financing and construction contract review
  • Accounting and Tax advisory services
  • Sustainability strategy management

5. Operations management

General issues at this stage
  • Governance structure and compliance
  • Audit compliance, financial reporting and tax compliance and management
  • Refinance and profit repatriation
  • Climate change management and application
Solutions we offer
  • Accounting and financial reporting compliance
  • Internal control systems
  • Asset valuation services
  • Debt advisory services
  • Tax compliance and advisory services
  • ESG compliance

6. Additional investment and disposal

General issues at this stage
  • Strategic review: modification, expansion or reduction of business
  • Exit strategy / tax on disposal  and accounting and financial reporting
Solutions we offer
  • Exit options and M&A advisory services
  • Tax advisory services. registration compliance, and tax treaty application
  • Accounting and financial reporting compliance
  • Legal advisory services

Renewable energy supply side

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