2019 Taiwan Startup Ecosystem Survey

The 2019 Taiwan Startup Ecosystem Survey was conducted jointly by PwC Taiwan and the Taiwan Institute of Economic Research. It builds on our 2018 study of the evolving start-up sector and its characteristics.

The latest survey takes a closer look at some important start-up topics, such as fostering entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial skills, serial entrepreneurship, international market expansion and policy support.

International expansion in particular is a major challenge for any start-up, and the 2019 survey explores how Taiwanese start-ups deal with the various challenges and opportunities posed by internationalisation.

Another key issue is the availability of support resources for start-ups, and our study also takes an in-depth survey of local incubation organisations and assesses how they support the development of start-ups in Taiwan.

An English summary of the key findings from the original Chinese survey report is available below. We hope you will find it useful and insightful.

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