Doing business in Taiwan

This PwC publication is a concise guide to the key aspects of undertaking business in Taiwan, from establishing a legal presence to complying with local accounting, tax and labour requirements.

It's a useful reference for foreign companies and investors planning to set up or expand their footprint in Taiwan, which is one of the most competitive places in the Asia region for doing business, as well as an important trade and investment gateway to China and fast-growing markets in Southeast Asia.

The subjects covered include:
• Business environment
• Setting up in Taiwan
• Labour and employment
• Accounting and reporting
• Corporate taxation
• Personal taxation
• Indirect and other taxes

The current edition was published in September 2015, and a new version is due for release soon.

A supplementary update to the doing business guide is also available for download. It highlights the latest key developments and changes in Taiwan’s business regulatory and tax environment.

For additional guidance on tax-related matters, please refer to:

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