Banking and finance legal advisory

Banking and financial cases not only take emphasis on providing legal advisory services, but are also closely related to accounting, financial and taxation issues. Our firm’s primary advantage comes from its intimate cooperation with PwC. Since our professionals collaborate with PwC Taiwan on a long term basis, we are capable of integrating cases effectively. Furthermore, while providing legal advisory services, we may duly remind our clients of the relevant accounting, financial and taxation risks presented, and offer various resolutions thereof. Aside from providing comprehensive or pay-once specialized consulting services in all kinds of banking and financial cases, our firm offers solutions to our clients that are complete, efficient and precise.

Banking and financial services have been our core business ever since the establishment of PwC Legal. We have accrued relevant experience and professional knowledge by participating in large scale banking and financial cases in a short period, including the incorporation of holding companies, merger and acquisition of banks, securitization of financial assets, and the auctioning of non-performing loans and insurance companies.

Key areas of expertise include:

  • Providing legal advisory and regulatory compliance services on merger and acquisition of financial institutions, conduct legal due diligence, draft and review relevant agreements and documents.
  • Providing regulatory compliance and procedural assistance services to foreign banks intending to establish branches or subsidiary banks in Taiwan.
  • Providing regulatory compliance and procedural assistance services to foreign institutions intending to establish branches in Taiwan.
  • Conducting legal due diligence and provide legal advisory services on the auctioning of the non-performing loans.
  • Providing regulatory compliance and document drafting assistance services to the master agents of offshore funds’ beneficiary's certificates.
  • Providing legal advisory and document drafting and review services to the securitization of financial assets.
  • Drafting or reviewing syndicated loan agreements.
  • Providing legal compliance advisory services on new financial products.
  • Providing legal compliance advisory services on various financial affairs.
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