Merger & acquisition and corporate law advisory

M&A and investments involve complex legal considerations and careful assessment of situational factors and risks. To successfully represent our clients in these areas, specialized and professional knowledge in Taiwan laws and regulations, such as corporate law, securities law, fair trade law, labor law and tax regulations, as well as rigorous planning and careful execution of the work, are essential to maximize benefits for clients and successfully complete such matters.

By utilizing our specialized knowledge in corporate law combined with the professional support of PricewaterhouseCoopers Taiwan in the areas of corporate finance, accounting, and tax, we are able to provide comprehensive legal services and strategies to minimize the legal risks and create maximum benefits for our clients.

PwC Legal has practical and extensive experience in the areas of M&A and investments transaction services. We advise on all aspects of M&As and investment issues, and consistently handle complex and high-volume transactions. In recent years, PwC Legal has assisted domestic banks in their mergers. PwC Legal has represented a LED corporation in its merger and has been advising large international corporations on matters of corporate restructuring. PwC Legal has also provided corporate restructuring services to numerous domestic and international companies, including several financial holding companies.

The globalization of enterprise has led to the emergence of cross-border transactions. As a member of the PwC international network of firms and to meet the needs of our corporate clients, PwC Legal has worked with other correspondent law firms around the world to assist our domestic clients with setting up their businesses in Mainland China, Vietnam, Thailand, Czech Republic and many other countries in connection with their investments, M&As, and business projects.

Key areas of expertise include:

  • Consulting on domestic or international company restructuring from both legal and tax perspectives.
  • Consulting on domestic or international M&As, including legal compliance, negotiations, due diligence, drafting and reviewing legal instruments.
  • Consulting on tender offer planning and its legal procedures.
  • Consulting on domestic and international investments, drafting related contracts, and assisting in compliance with mandated legal procedures.
  • Consulting on strategic alliances and drafting related contracts.
  • Consulting on corporate governance structure and drafting by-laws.
  • Drafting and reviewing contracts relating to company operations, including licensing agreement, purchasing agreement, research & development agreement, service contract and other related contracts.
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