Intellectual property protection, prosecution & enforcement

As the economy and society continue to grow in Taiwan, the development of a business competing in an industry with highly concentrated labor will be limited due to the increasing costs of materials and manufacturing and the newly emerging markets in China and Southeast Asia. To cope with the new knowledge-based economy, a company is advised to upgrade by moving toward the knowledge-concentrated industries of the future. Since Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) form the core values in this knowledge era, whether a company holds the advantage to compete is determined by the “quantity & quality” of its IPRs.

Recognizing that IPRs, which include patents, trademarks, trade secrets, copyrights, integrated circuit (IC) layout, and know-how, will become the critical assets of a company, PwC Legal has launched a talented team with experts specializing in the Intellectual Property field to the effect that we can provide IP-related professional services for clients. We are confident that by employing our two-pronged approach, i.e., passively in preventing the occurrence of infringement and positively by engaging in technology transfer negotiation, IPR securitization and IPR taxation planning, we will gain the greatest profit for our clients.

PwC Legal provides all-inclusive and instant services combining IP management and law, through collaboraton with PwC Taiwan, Landwell and PwC, which all deliver professional solutions of the highest technical quality. Such services are designed specifically for high-tech industries.

Key areas of expertise include:

  • Global IPR Registration Services: including applications, transfers, licensing and modifications of patent, copyright, company name, trademark, domain name, and IC layout.
  • Licensing of IPR: including reviewing of licensing contracts, assessment on licenser and licensee, review of practice of licensed IPR, evaluation of royalties, and other relevant professional opinions.
  • Consultation on IPR Transactions: including transaction planning, drafting and reviewing of contracts for technology transfer and licensing, strategy planning, negotiations and legal due diligence for IPR valuations.
  • IPR Protection and Management Services: including trade secret protection and management, prevention of damage from IPR infringement through corporate restructuring and transaction rearrangement, and IPR audit.
  • IPR Taxation Planning Services: including corporate restructuring for taxation planning purposes and rearrangement of IPR transactions for taxation planning purposes.
  • IPR Dispute Resolution and Litigation: providing administrative remedies, civil or criminal proceedings, securitization proceedings, accusation with Fair Trade Commission and preparation work for warning letters.
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