Commercial litigation and dispute resolution

Commercial disputes usually result from a failure to: recognize and evaluate associated legal risk, negotiate favorable contract terms or conditions on a pre-transaction basis and identify relevant facts and evidence so as to minimize the legal risks. Thus, PwC Legal emphasizes dispute prevention, devoting its efforts to assisting our clients in identifying every potential legal risk of each transaction and legal act, and providing legal analysis to minimize the legal risks during pre-transaction phases and negotiations. In terms of potential legal disputes, PwC Legal is able to assist our clients in a timely manner to identify relevant facts and evidence, to analyze all possible risks and resolutions so that critical evidence can be identified at an early stage and an effective and cost-efficient resolution can be adopted during the pre-litigation phase. PwC Legal also provides all-inclusive legal services and efficient dispute resolutions in civil litigation for commercial matters, criminal defenses, administrative relief and investigatory processes before competent authorities.

PwC Legal has experienced legal professionals in different areas of law and has extensive experience in resolving individual and corporate disputes. We provide all-inclusive and diverse legal resolutions, in the sense of commercial practices, to address clients’ special needs and contractual conditions for legal issues related to commercial laws. In terms of tax litigation and dispute resolution services, we collaborate with PwC. Through the joint participation of lawyers and accountants, we provide profound and integrated services from a law and accounting perspective.

PwC Legal has provided legal consulting services to governmental agencies, high-tech industry, listed companies and companies trading OTC. We have extensive experience in assisting domestic and foreign companies in resolving management disputes, investment & equity disputes, debt collections, corporate reorganization and restructuring, intellectual property disputes, labor-management disputes, and we provide such related legal services at the pre-transaction phase and during the litigation process.

Key areas of expertise include:

  • Providing representation in commercial litigation and non-litigation legal transactions, including dispute resolutions for investment and equity disputes, debt collection, corporate restructuring or reorganization planning, etc.
  • Providing legal consulting services for clients’ proposed business plans or transactions; providing pre-transaction evaluation and integrated solutions for legal compliance and tax planning.
  • Conducting legal risk analysis for complex cases; providing all feasible dispute solutions and legal implication for planning negotiation strategies and concrete action plans.
  • Assisting the contractual parties in negotiating settlement terms; drafting letters of attorney and settlement agreements; and enforcement and execution of settlement agreements.
  • Assisting in planning post-transaction asset protection and litigation strategies on pre-transaction basis; representation before governmental agencies in investigatory hearings, civil, criminal and administrative proceedings, enforcement of judgment and representation in alternative dispute resolutions, such as: settlement, mediation and arbitration processes.
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