2024 Taiwan CEO Survey

This is the thirteenth year that PwC Taiwan has conducted its annual survey of Taiwan business leaders.

The 2024 Taiwan CEO Survey provides unique insight into the thoughts of senior corporate executives in Taiwan on a wide range of issues. Its findings attract wide attention from policymakers, businesses, media, and the public.

The survey, which is based on PwC's annual global CEO survey, seeks to understand how business leaders in Taiwan implement their strategic priorities against the backdrop of a constantly changing macro-environment. Based on the responses from 212 quantitative questionnaires, the survey shows that businesses need not just transformation, but to reinvention, need to take broader and faster actions now.

This year’s survey was conducted via online surveys, telephone interviews from October to December 2023.

2024 Taiwan CEO Survey

Download key findings of the report.

Download (PDF of 1.82mb)

2024 臺灣企業領袖調查報告

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