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Tax appeals provide a mechanism of reconciliation of the potential conflicts that may arise from different perspectives held on tax-related issues. The previous tax appeal system provided a standard mechanism primarily based on written procedures, as opposed to oral debate which is a more effective mechanism in the clarification of conflicting issues. Consequently, the procedure often proved unfavorable to the one seeking the tax appeal. In recognition of this shortcoming, a new tax appeal system has been implemented that enables the court to establish procedures that facilitate initial clarification of the issues in appeal and oral debate between the parties involved. To ensure the benefits of this new appeal procedure are attained, experienced professionals should be engaged.

PricewaterhouseCoopers Taiwan provides its clients with professional tax appeal services of the highest quality. We recruit and retain experienced tax professionals possessing extensive experience in dealing with the tax authorities. Given our strategic alliance with the law firm Puhua & Associates, our tax appeal services combine professional legal and tax consultation to ensure comprehensive tax appeal assistance.


Our services include:

  • Tax status analysis
  • Evaluation of the necessity and feasibility of administrative remedies or appeals
  • Business appeal representation and consultation (including shareholder disputes, debt recovery and intellectual property infringement claims,
  • Administrative remedy and appeal representation and consultation
  • Analysis and consultation concerning tax calculation, departure restrictions, tax security and asset transfer restrictions

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