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Businesses today are increasingly turning their focus to core competencies that generate value for the business. While some view accounting and tax compliance functions as back office functions that generate costs, in reality, without appropriate accounting books that reflect reasonably the company’s financial position and operating results, necessary management decision cannot be made, which impacts future development and leading position of the company. As accounting and tax related matters involve professional judgement, the usage of our professionals could avoid potential mistake and unnecessary risk on one hand, and increase efficiency and effectiveness on the other hand. 

Our professionals at PricewaterhouseCoopers have extensive experience in accounting and tax filing procedures, are familiar with relevant laws and regulations, which together with our SOP, enables us to provide high quality and efficient services to our clients. In addition, through effective project management, we are able to notify our clients of tax costs associated with different transaction models, and assist our clients to timely acknowledge impact of changes in tax regulations on their operations, in order to avoid unnecessary tax exposure.  Our team can also provide full-time or part-time accounting and tax personnel secondment service for interim shortage of manpower at client’s site.

Recently, with the rapid development of e-commerce, Taiwan has established a comprehensive system for taxation on cross-border electronic service providers.  Our professionals have participated in public discussion panels with the tax office from incipiency, including but not limited to tax compliance matters involving cross-border electronic service providers and Taiwan customers, where we assist to bridge the gap between different parties involved, and provide standardized or customized services as needed. In addition, with increasing numbers of tax treaties being concluded, we can assist to apply for business profit tax exemption treatment for cross-border electronic service providers situated in countries that have signed tax treaties with Taiwan.

Our services include:

  • Bookkeeping services (including provision of unaudited financial statements in English and Chinese)  
  • Assist in filing VAT return
  • Assist in filing corporate income tax return
  • Assist in withholding tax filing
  • Cashier services
  • Payroll services
  • Assist in enrollment, adjustment, and withdrawal from Taiwan social security schemes (labor insurance, health insurance, pension)
  • Provide training to Company’s accounting or tax personnel  
  • Assist in calculating semi-annual estimated CIT liability 
  • Assist in preparing Statutory Financial Statement (SFS)
  • Assist in registration, amendment, and de-registration of foreign electronic service provider
  • Assist foreign electronic service provider in filing application to determine industry standard profit rate and Taiwan profit contribution ratio
  • Assist foreign electronic service provider in filing business profit tax exemption application using tax treaty
  • Assist foreign electronic service provider in filing bi-monthly VAT return
  • Assist foreign electronic service provider in filing annual CIT return

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