Talent Selection

Key issues:

  • Who are the right candidates?
  • How do you win the war for talent?

Our Solutions:

  • Hiring process review
    A hiring process review can help clients minimize the cost of hiring and enhance hiring effectiveness.

  • Executive search
    PwC's executive search service helps clients recruit high caliber executives by thoroughly understanding the nature of client's business, its manpower needs and organizational culture. We provide efficient and cost-effective service through our extensive networking capacity, large database, professional consultants and competency-based selection skills. In this way, we help clients strengthen their human assets and become winners of knowledge economy competition.

    Besides helping clients recruit quality candidates, PwC Taiwan consultants also provide consultation to solve problems caused by earlier recruitment missteps, and to assist clients to retain human assets, we continuously follow how appropriate placements are for their work.

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Alan Lin

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