Talent Management and Professional Development

Key Issues:

  • What competencies do we require?
  • How do we develop the professionalism of our employees?
  • How can we develop the leadership strength of the company?

Our Solutions:

  • Competency Model development
    PwC Taiwan's Competency Model involves three dimensions of competency development: skills, behaviors, and knowledge. It details specific desired behaviors for each position and helps clients select employees and design training courses or activities specifically to meet their employee development needs.

  • Professional Training and Development
    We offer comprehensive consultation to help our business partners consolidate the outcomes of individual training course activities, resulting in heightened performance and greater competitive strength. We also plan and conduct needs assessment for customers to assure maximum results and benefits from training events.

  • Our training courses include but not limited to:
    • Contingency Leadership
    • Glocal Talent In Asia
    • Business Planning Essential
    • Mandatory Management Skill
    • Performance Management and Employee Development
    • Communication Skill
    • Creative Thinking and Problem Solving
    • Work Effectiveness & Efficiency
    • Competency Enhancement (ex. Selling Skills & Selling Process)
  • Leadership development and succession planning
    PwC Taiwan's approach to succession planning focuses on establishing a process to recruit employees, develop their skills and abilities, and prepare them for advancement, all while retaining them to ensure a return on the organization's training investment. Through a good succession planning, organizations can achieve world-class performance through better and more talented leadership.

  • Retention Program
    Attracting, hiring, and retaining high-caliber employees are challenges for all organizations at all levels. PwC Taiwan's Retention Program provides strategies and suggestions on retention program design geared toward sustaining leadership and growth in the marketplace.

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