Key Issues:

  • How to design separation and outplacement program?
  • How to communicate with affected employees?


Our Solutions:

  • Separation/ retirement process review and design

    Our service includes:
    • Company internal review
    • Company financial review
    • Legal review
    • Review of conditions for termination
    • Termination process design
    • Internal communication design
    • Government application
    • Career change planning

  • Outplacement
    Our outplacement program assists retrenched employees in coping positively with the change stress that affect career plans, families and emotions and in further exploring the success in the next career move.
    PwC Taiwan provides career change consultation for unemployment people and offers necessary training and assistance.

    Our service includes:
    • Individual counseling
    • Job market update
    • Training suggestion
    • Resume writing and interview skill training
    • Job search strategy
    • Financial advice

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Alan Lin

Managing Director, PwC Taiwan

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