Performance Management and Rewards

Key Issues:

  • How do we achieve our company's objectives through performance management?
  • How do we build a performance-driven culture?

Our Solutions:

  • Performance management system design
    A great performance system does not only recognize and motivate high performers, but also cultivate a performance-driven culture to meet future competition. PwC Taiwan’s performance consultation incorporates MBO methodology and emphasizes the linkage between performance and the reward system to maximize business performance.

  • Reward system design
    Reward systems are much more than just bonus plans and stock options. While they often include both of these incentives, they can also include awards and other types of recognition, promotions, reassignment, or other non-monetary bonuses. PwC Taiwan provides a complete reward system model, linked with the performance system, to help clients create a fair reward system to encourage employees to maximize their contributions.

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