Organization Effectiveness

Key Issues:

  • What structure can we build to be more competitive?
  • How do we enhance inter-departmental collaboration?
  • How can we improve the accountability of our leaders and staff?

Our Solutions:

  • Organization/ HR rationalization
    PwC Taiwan has a strategic approach to organization design, assessing alternatives, considering contingency factors that influence structural choice effectiveness, and strategic use of human resource planning, staffing, development, evaluation and compensation which are crucial to organizational effectiveness.

  • Manpower planning
    Our manpower planning service uses an objective and scientific methodology to identify opportunities to improve the client's workflows and processes, and to provide recommendations for determining the optimum organizational staffing structure.

  • Job analysis and job description
    We provide clients an overview of how the job or team role fits into the organization, and help them develop job descriptions and assign job grades, categories and values to each job. With a clearer understanding of their jobs and responsibilities, recruits can be better matched with their positions and thus more easily motivated to reach peak performance.

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Alan Lin

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