Mergers and Acquisitions

Key Issues:

  • What are the key HR issues in M&A activity?
  • How should post-merger integration be handled?

Our Solutions:

  • Transaction Service
    When changing business conditions and mergers and acquisitions lead a client to reorganize its structure, systems and human resources, PwC Taiwan is there to provide professional consultation. We help our clients achieve smooth and successful transitions with a minimum of conflict.

    PwC Taiwan has successfully assisted many enterprises with merger and acquisition issues, including assisting Central Deposit Insurance Corporation in selling certain financial institutions. PwC Taiwan has also won clients’ acclaim for its expertise in handling HR, employee settlement and union issues stemming from mergers and acquisitions.


  • Post Merger Integration
    The issues confronted during post merger integration (PMI), such as organizational structure integration, human resource system integration, cultural integration, talent retention and succession, and employee relations, are among the greatest management challenges corporations can face. Maintaining effective integration and communication mechanisms and minimizing business disruption are essential for the management of people, risk and value.

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