Legal Compliance

Key Issues:

  • What are the critical HR legal compliance issues for my business?
  • How do we ensure our HR practices align with the related regulations?
  • How can we prevent or handle labor disputes?

Our Solutions:

  • Legal compliance consultation
    PwC provides legal compliance consultation on the regulations and common practices of labor related work conditions, employment conditions, and benefit policies in Taiwan.  Our main labor-related legal compliance service cover:
    • Labor Standards Law
    • Employment Services Act
    • Labor Union law
    • Business Mergers and Acquisitions Act
    • The Protective Law for Mass Redundancy of Employees
    • Settlement of Labor Disputes Law
    • Labor Pension Act
  • Employment contract consultation
    Our service includes:
    • HR policies and procedures review
    • Work rules review
    • Customized offer letters and contracts of employment
    • Preparation and filing of all required documents in relation to Taiwan labor-related laws and Social Insurance
  • Labor pension system actuarial consultation
    Because of the application of Labor Pension Act in July, 2005, there are commonly employees applying different regulations in the same company. In order to help clients manage the impact, PwC Taiwan provides actuarial consulting services that support our clients’ efforts to stay competitive and protect their employees’rights.

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