Human Capital Effectiveness

Key Issues:

  • How productive is our staff?
  • How do we maximize our human capital's contribution to competitiveness?

Our Solutions:

  • Human capital effectiveness analysis
    PwC Saratoga is a global leader in the measurement and benchmarking of human capital. With more than 30 years of research, the human capital best practice database and more than 1,000 HR metrics, we effectively assist our clients globally, covering more than 40% of FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies. PwC Saratoga Institute provides clients a human capital measurement and benchmarking service for interpreting human capital information, allowing better HR anagement and yielding competitive advantage gains that create value for stakeholders.

    Our service includes:
    • Guidance in the development of evidence-based human capital strategies
    • Developing human capital balanced scorecards
    • Analysis of human capital effectiveness
  • Voice of Employees
    Employee engagement is about transforming employees’ potential into substantive performance and contributions to business success. PwC HRS Taiwan’s Voice of Employees is an employee engagement survey for finding out how engaged your workforce is. Through this proven, successful methodology, we assist clients to ascertain employees’ current beliefs and engagement level on many job-related subjects. From our customized survey service, clients gain valuable insight into issues of particular importance to their own organization, such as accession, separation, cost savings, and productivity improvement.

    High engagement levels can help drive employee performance and maximize returns on investments in employee development. To assess the level of employee engagement, PwC HRS Taiwan’s Voice of Employees employs multiple sources, metrics and survey techniques. To fully understand employees’ engagement levels, the scope of the engagement survey covers distinct but interconnected dimensions, such as empowement, integration, objective orientation and customer orientation.

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