Employment law advisory

One of the essential goals for an enterprise’s operation is the effective management of its human resources and labor relations. To achieve this, legal compliance with labor-related laws and regulations is a minimum requirement. PwC Legal has expertise in the area of labor and employment practice, and extensive experience in providing strategic and profound legal consulting services in all aspects of labor and employment law to enable our clients to make the most effective business judgments to avoid any future problems. We also provide our clients with the most effective and cost-efficient solutions in resolving labor-related controversies.

In recent years, Taiwan has enacted numerous laws and regulations to address labor and employment-related issues, such as Protection for Workers Incurring Occupational Accidents Act, Gender Equality in Employment Act, Employment Insurance Law, etc. Further, among the laws essentially related to the employees’ rights, “Collective Bargaining Agreement Act,” “Labor Union Law” and “The Settlement of Labor Disputes Law” have been amended recently, and the competent authorities are currently in the process of enacting the laws and regulations related to the “work dispatch and job assignment.” Therefore, a business entity should be well-informed when establishing human resource and labor-related policy and guideline.

In the age of globalization, it is common to share and transfer human resources on a cross-border basis. There are various types of human capital management, depending upon the enterprises’ needs. PwC Legal has the edge in that we enjoy the global resources provided by the PwC global network and is able to obtain professional assistance in numerous countries throughout the world, such as Mainland China, East Asia and major countries in Europe. We provide our clients with a one-stop global coordination of labor and employment law strategies and consulting services on a cross-border basis to assist multinational business in designing and implementing the most effective employee dispatch program.

PwC Legal is an affiliated firm of PwC. We provide all-inclusive and integrated services that range from regulatory compliance consultation in employment related laws to human resource management and associated tax planning issues.

Key areas of expertise include:

Human Resources Planning and Legal Compliance

  • Providing enterprises with human resource planning; drafting and reviewing employment contracts, work rules and work-hour policies; designing and implementing non-competition mechanism, intellectual property management and trade secret protection from the perspective of labor and employment laws
  • Providing legal consultation for the employment of mandated managerial personnel
  • Providing legal consultation for gender equality plans
  • Providing legal consultation for employee retirement plans and legal analysis of retired employees’ rights and benefits
  • Planning and implementing employee benefit programs

Human Capital Management and Legal Compliance

  • Providing legal consultation for human capital management and employee dispatch issues
  • Providing legal consultation on human capital strategies in business reorganization
  • Providing legal consultation and planning for employee pension reserve funds.

Labor-Related Dispute Resolutions

  • Assisting businesses in resolving legal controversies related to termination of employment, retirement, and occupational injuries, including settlement, mediation, administrative relief and litigation.

Consultation for Collective Agreement Negotiation

  • Assisting enterprises and labor unions in negotiating and drafting collective agreements and providing related legal consulting services.

Sexual Harassment Prevention Planning

  • Assisting in planning sexual harassment prevention measures, managing sexual harassment claims and investigations, and providing legal services during administrative review, petition and litigation for sexual harassment claims.

Consultation for Labor Related Issues in Merger and Acquisition

  • Providing legal consultation and risk analysis in merger and acquisition.

Mass Lay-off Planning, Consultation and Legal Compliance

  • Assisting corporations and employees in negotiating mass lay-off issues

Employee Education and Training Project

  • Workshop for employee education and on-site training.
  • Providing on-site training classes related to issues of labor and employment laws.
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