Cross-border transactions and litigation

PwC Legal is committed to developing customized legal solutions for global entities with cross border compliance requirements in a uniquely efficient, responsive and cost-sensitive manner. Whatever your business, we make it our business to understand your internal needs and operations.

Many of our clients face the challenge of tracking, interpreting and complying with the relevant laws and regulations in jurisdictions worldwide. Building on our global Landwell network of correspondent law firms to PwC, our lawyers have consistently worked together as a team with cross-discipline Landwell and PwC personnel to deliver a wide range of legal, regulatory and tax solutions for multinational corporations across various jurisdictions in issues covering, but not limited to; certain purchases, divestitures, transfers or licensing of intellectual property rights, transfer pricing, spin-offs, mergers and acquisitions, employee stock incentive programs, equity and loan financing and bankruptcy.

Furthermore, our lawyers specialize in international dispute resolution and our membership in the global Landwell/ PricewaterhouseCoopers Legal law firm network offers clients from around the world experience in handling and coordinating litigation matters in a number of jurisdictions such as Taiwan, European courts, US state and federal courts as well as a wide range of mechanisms to resolve disputes by consensual rules outside the courts, including arbitration, mediation, conciliation and trials.

We offer the following litigious and non-litigious related legal and tax services in most countries around the globe:

International Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution Services

  • Consultation on pre-litigation strategies, trial strategies and trial preparation
  • Representation, or coordination of representation, in commercial and civil litigation proceedings
  • Representation, or coordination of representation, in arbitration and conciliation procedures
  • Enforcement, or coordination of enforcement, of post-judgment awards, settlements and foreclosures
  • Representation, or coordination of representation, in bankruptcy, dissolution, reorganization and liquidation proceedings

Legal and Tax Services for Multinational Company Operations

  • Consultation on regulatory compliance, investment structure and tax planning for cross-border transactions
  • Consultation on cross-border joint venture, strategic alliance and mergers and acquisitions
  • Consultation and coordination on intellectual property and employment/labor legal and tax issues for multinational companies
  • Consultation of corporate governance matters for multinational companies
  • Drafting and review of multinational company legal and corporate documentation and coordination of legal procedures and registration matters
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