Biopharma M&A

Our dedicated biopharma M&A team provides professional advisory services, as follows:

Financial advisory

We help clients analyse investment targets, communicate with investors, structure transactions, evaluate transaction terms, and negotiate with transaction counterparties. The biopharma industry has high growth potential and is attracting much investor interest, with many companies actively seeking strategic investors. PwC's financial advisory service can help you to develop a deep understanding of your needs and build partnerships with domestic and international partners to create synergies and capture growth opportunities.


We provide valuation services for investment and fund raising transactions or for financial statement purposes. Our valuation specialists understand the biopharma industry and we adopt a tailored approach to assist our clients, applying appropriate valuation methods to conduct credible and reasonable analyses for each case.

Due diligence

We help clients to evaluate transaction targets from the perspective of future shareholders, and to develop transaction terms and agreements and post-merger integration plans. Our team assists investors to evaluate cross-border and full-fledged M&A projects in the biopharma industry in a professional and efficient manner.

Deal Strategy

We assist clients with entering new markets, business transformation and restructuring, pre-investment market assessment, commercial due diligence, and post-investment business optimisation. Our team has successfully assisted many multinational biopharma companies and private equity firms to evaluate their strategic decision and execution plans for entering Taiwan and integrating the resources of local biopharma partners.

Fund raising

We assist clients in different industry life cycles to bring in the capital and other resources required for their next stage of business growth. Due to the high potential of the biopharma industry, may companies actively seeking cooperation opportunities. Our dedicated team has observed that accelerating cooperation between both transaction parties through the fund raising process has become a trend.

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