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Faced by global economic turbulence, technological disruptions and intense business competition, both domestic companies and foreign multinationals inevitably have to contend with various strategic investment decisions and transformation challenges. In order to comprehensively optimise your investment decisions and create greater transaction value, PwC’s highly experienced deals and M&A teams provide an integrated service approach, from developing a pre-deal strategy to post-deal integration planning.

For every major investment decision, you’ll need a deal strategy to ensure any decision made is sound, the investment risks are manageable, and that value can be created. Whether you’re investing in a new company, industry or market, or contemplating a strategic business restructuring, or evaluating the commercial attractiveness and risks of a deal, or thinking about post-deal value creation, our impact-focused deals strategy professionals, who have a unique blend of investment deals advisory and strategy consulting experience, can support you to make and execute those strategic investment decisions.

Our services:

Taiwan market-entry strategy

We support many international multinational companies to develop a Taiwan market-entry strategy by assessing local market opportunities, competition and regulatory trends, evaluating internal capabilities and resources, validating and prioritising potential market-entry options, which typically involve M&A and partnerships besides green field options. We have extensive experience of assisting our clients with M&A and partnership targeting, as well as analysing the financial implications for prioritised market-entry options.

Overseas market-entry strategy

Taiwan outbound investment activities have grown in recent years amid intense business competition worldwide. For many Taiwanese companies it’s critical to have a solid investment and strategy plan in place when looking to enter a new overseas market for the first time. Country and market segment prioritisation are typically the first areas where PwC can assist through leveraging our global network reach and resources. We are also very experienced in providing guidance on overseas investment evaluation and strategic business planning, drawing on our accumulated outbound investment deal experience and lessons learned.

Transformation strategy

Market growth in Taiwan is slowing, technological changes are increasing, competition is keener than ever, and costs are rising. Against this backdrop, both domestic companies and multinationals operating in Taiwan face transformation challenges, for which strategic investment decisions have to be made to either survive or thrive. We have a proven strategic business portfolio assessment methodology and investment evaluation benchmarking database to assist transformations, often involving organic expansion, M&A, joint ventures, carve-outs, spin-offs or divestitures.

Target search and screening

Whether you’re identifying and evaluating potential targets for M&A, joint ventures or alliances, our PwC team possesses the resources and know-how to support you in conducting a systematic search and screening exercise, involving both strategic assessment and quantitative benchmarking and prioritisation using scoring models.

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