2018 Taiwan Startup Ecosystem Survey

Rapid progress in technological innovation and changing consumer behaviours are resulting in significant changes to business models, operations and ecosystems around the world. This is reflected in the rise of start-ups, which are  breaking down traditional industry boundaries and introducing new competitive dynamics to the marketplace.

This is also the case in Taiwan, which has a thriving start-up culture and a growing group of talented, budding entrepreneurs.  Government support is also critical. In February 2018, the National Development Council launched an action plan aimed at creating a robust start-up ecosystem, raising Taiwan’s visibility internationally, and making ita leading start-up nation.

To better understand the local start-up landscape, PwC Taiwan conducted the 2018 Taiwan Startup Ecosystem Survey in  collaboration with the Taiwan Institute of Economic Research, the Taiwan National Association of Young Entrepreneurs, the Taiwan National Association of Small and Medium Enterprises, and the Taiwan Start-Up Hub of the Executive Yuan.

The survey used an online questionnaire and interviews (with venture capitalists, incubators/accelerators and advisory  bodies) to analyse Taiwan’s start-up ecosystem, looking at how entrepreneurs are influenced by a range of factors, such as government support, funding and capital market access, and collaborative interactions with larger-scale companies.

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