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Apr 2015

Events & Trends No. 270
A marketplace without boundaries? Responding to disruption

PwC’s latest annual global CEO survey finds that CEOs remain cautious in their near-term outlook for the global economy, which continues to be fragile. Even so, many believe there are significant opportunities for their own business to grow in the year ahead, particularly in the technology and healthcare industries.

Feb 2015

Events & Trends No. 269
New vision for Asia Pacific: Connectivity creating new platforms for growth

PwC's APEC CEO Survey 2014 reveals a vision of a more connected Asia Pacific and an outlook for more balanced regional growth. It also explores where businesses are building platforms for growth in the region, and shares how executives see the momentum towards free trade across the APEC area.

Oct 2014

Events & Trends No. 268
Business success beyond the short term - CEO perspectives on sustainability

This article looks at the findings of PwC's latest annual survey of global CEOs through a sustainability lens, sharing what they're saying about sustainability issues and challenges, and the implications for business.

Jul 2014

Events & Trends No. 267
Fit for the future - Capitalising on global trends

How fit for the future are the world’s leading businesses? PwC’s annual global CEO survey finds CEOs are feeling more optimistic and coming out of ‘survival’ mode to focus on growth. But growth opportunities have become increasingly complex, prompting CEOs to be more selective about the markets they focus on.

Apr 2014

Events & Trends No. 266
Measuring and managing total impact: A new language for business decisions

We all want business to succeed, but not at any cost. 'Good' growth is in everyone's interest and the new measure of success. But how do you work out what 'good' looks like? This report highlights how businesses can not only measure their total footprint on society across economic, environmental, tax and social impacts, but translate it into information to guide their decision-making and manage the trade-offs.

Oct 2013

Events & Trends No. 265
Making the right risk decisions to strengthen operations performance

A collaborative report by PwC US and the MIT Forum for Supply Chain Innovation analysing the supply chain operations and risk management practices of global companies and looking at their operations and financial performance in the face of supply chain disruptions. It proposes a framework and a set of principles to help companies manage today's risk challenges and prepare for future opportunities.

May 2013

Events & Trends No. 264
Dealing with disruption: adapting to survive and thrive

PwC's 2013 Global CEO Survey shows that business leaders remain cautious about their short-term prospects but are more upbeat longer term. This suggests that CEOs worldwide believe their organisations can be resilient by rolling with the short-term blows while reshaping for longer-term growth.

Apr 2013

Events & Trends No. 263
Shareholder questions: Considerations for 2013 annual meetings

This US-focused guidance is intended to assist management and boards of directors in preparing for annual shareholder meetings. It contains example questions on various topics that may be top-of-mind for shareholders, along with background information and suggested actions for management's consideration.


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