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Dexter Chang takes over as new chairman of PwC Taiwan

On July 1, 2013, Dexter Chang took over as chairman of PwC Taiwan on the retirement of former chairman Albert Hsueh. A gala dinner was held in late June to celebrate Albert’s chairmanship. The event was attended by all PwC Taiwan partners as well as the senior partner leaders of the PwC China, Hong Kong, Singapore firms.

Tax management planning for Southeast Asia

In May 2013, PwC Taiwan held seminars on tax management strategies for the Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia, and Thailand markets. Tax experts from the PwC firms in Taiwan and Vietnam discussed the latest regulations and tax issues regarding Taiwanese investment in Southeast Asia.

Clearing up misconceptions about Taiwan's luxury tax

On May 9, 2013, PwC Taiwan Tax Partner Jason C. Hsu held a press conference to clarify common misconceptions among the general public and corporations about Taiwan’s luxury tax, and to offer suggestions on possible changes to the relevant laws in relation to possible exemptions in merger and acquisition cases.

Conference on Cross-Strait Finance and Tax

On March 7th 2013, the Conference on Cross-Strait Finance and Tax organized by PwC Taiwan took place in the Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance, where over 150 people from banking and financial sectors gathered together to learn about topics including investment and tax regulations in Mainland China, the current status of RMB funds, and the development of Hong Kong’s RQFII.

2013 CommonWealth Economic Forum

The 2013 CommonWealth Economic Forum (CWEF) was held on January 7-8 discussing a range of topics focusing on reinvigorating growth and strategic transformation in an era of slow economic growth worldwide. With PwC Taiwan as its strategic partner, the event brought together 30 political and economic leaders and executives of transnational organizations and 500 Asian top talents and business leaders from 8 countries.

PwC Taiwan Partakes in Charity Partnership Program: Documentary “Fingertip Vision 2.0”

In the press conference for a documentary on the visually impaired massage therapists entitled Fingertip Vision 2.0 held on November 19th 2012, PwC Taiwan CEO Dexter Chang announced that PwC Taiwan will partner the documentary program and be the exclusive sponsor of the screening and promotion of the film, expressing the firm’s lasting commitment to caring about the society and disadvantaged groups.

PwC Taiwan Participates in the Uniform Invoice Cup Race Organized by the Ministry of Finance

On November 18th, 2012, PwC Taiwan, represented by Markets and Strategies Leader Steven Go, numerous partners and nearly two hundred staff members and their families, participated in the Uniform Invoice Cup Race organized by the Ministry of Finance. All the staff members were in light orange polo shirts, had a strong presence on the scene, and made a good impression on all participants.

Foreign banks find surer footing in China

After struggling to find a solid footing in China, foreign banks operating in the country may be finally hitting their stride, as the seventh PwC “Foreign Banks in China” survey report reveals. This finding also carries great significance for Taiwanese banks looking to expand their footprint in the China market.

Taiwanese investors cautioned on Japanese property

The media has recently been highlighting the rising number of Taiwanese investors buying real estate in Japan, attracted by its higher rental yields.

PwC Taiwan promotes e-invoice charity initiative

On 6 August 2012, PwC Taiwan held a seminar in conjunction with the Ministry of Finance’s Financial Data Centre on the theme of "Electronic Invoicing for Charity and the Environment” as part of the firm’s Electronic Invoicing Initiative. The purpose was to encourage local companies to issue electronic invoices and to donate them to charity organisations.

Taiwan's CEOs optimistic about revenue growth in 2012: survey

Taipei, July 5 (CNA) Chief executives in Taiwan have more confidence than the global average in seeing revenue growth for their companies this year, according to a survey released Thursday by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Taiwan.

Taiwanese CEOs more confident than average on sales prospects, survey says

Chief executive officers in Taiwan have more confidence than the global average that their companies will see revenue growth this year, according to a survey released on Thursday by PricewaterhouseCoopers Taiwan.

PwC Taiwan Hosts Business Forum to Announce CEO Survey Results

On 5 July 2012, PwC Taiwan released the results of its PwC Taiwan CEO Survey 2012, along with an accompanying booklet Delivering Results: Growth and Value in a Volatile World, at a business forum held at the Taipei International Convention Center. This signature event was attended by over 200 local business leaders and government representatives, and was reported on by nearly 30 print, electronic and internet media.

Taiwan's proposed securities gains tax to also impact US taxpayers

On 1st January 2013, the FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) will go into effect in the U.S. The Taiwanese government is preparing to levy a securities gains tax. The two events seem to have no connection. However, the securities gains tax may have a direct impact on U.S citizens residing in Taiwan, green card holders and anyone who is a qualified U.S. tax resident.

Turn challenges into opportunities: Re-examine your transfer pricing strategies

The PricewaterhouseCoopers Education Foundation and the Chinese Association of Industries Taxation Professionals jointly held a seminar on the new pulse of tax risk management on 24th April 2012 to discuss the double taxation issue caused by transfer pricing and analyze cases on the stricter transfer pricing audits by the Taiwan and China tax authorities. The seminar also invited the competent authorities.

Trees planted at joyful spring ploughing, spreading love

On April 8th, 2012, PwC Taiwan held the annual Joyful Spring Plowing event at the new halfway home of Tzih Huai Social Welfare Foundation in Yuanshan Township, Yilan County. Colleagues planted hill cherry trees with the children at the home to do their part in protecting the environment on earth and contributing towards social welfare.

Lights off for 1 hour, save the earth

To support the Earth Hour event, PwC Taiwan shut off all lighting in its branch offices throughout Taiwan for an hour starting at 20:30, March 31st, 2012. Colleagues were also encouraged to turn off the power at home for an hour to reduce CO2 emissions while they accompanied family or friends outdoors to enjoy a wonderful, carbon emission free night.

Embrace the green life and terminate wasting of energy

PwC Taiwan has had a long history of concern for issues regarding energy and environmental protection. On March 23rd, 2012, PwC Taiwan held the Embrace the Green Life seminar at a training classroom on the 20th floor of the Taipei International Trade Building. A marine guardian from the Society of Wilderness, Hu Chieh-Shen, was invited to teach a hands-on course on energy conservation and green living maps. Many PwC Taiwan colleagues were drawn to the seminar, and they enjoyed a fulfilling, environmentally friendly afternoon there.

Singapore's Experience and International Competitiveness

Two recent reports are well worth reflecting on by Taiwan’s government and people. One is an interview given to a Singaporean newspaper by Grace T.H.W. Group chairman Winston Wong (son of late Formosa Plastics tycoon Wong Yung-ching), in which he reveals that his son has become a Singaporean citizen. The other is a speech delivered to the Control Yuan last week by Stanley Yen, president of the group that owns the Landis Taipei hotel. Yen warned that Taiwan was ‘eating yesterday's reserves’ of human and economic resources.

PwC Legal (Taiwan) Honored at Top of M&A Advisory Rankings

In March 2012, PwC Legal (Taiwan) was honored to be ranked number one in total deals value in Bloomberg’s ‘Taiwan Legal Advisory M&A Rankings 2011.’ PwC Taiwan led the pack with a 26.3% market share and was fourth in the number of deals, results that are received as affirmation of the firm’s outstanding services.

CommonWealth Economic Forum 2012

The CommonWealth Economic Forum (CWEF) 2012 “Asia's Transformation and Growth in a New Era of Risk” was held on February 22-23. Hosted in Grand Hyatt Taipei Hotel by one of Taiwan’s most influential publications – CommonWealth Magazine – the event brought together senior executives from almost 600 corporations, plus representatives of over 50 media organizations from Taiwan and abroad.

With IFRS around the corner, it's time to get alignment plans on track

A conference on ‘Challenges and Practical Solutions for the IFRS Transition Period’ was held on 21 February by the PwC Taiwan Education Foundation, the Taiwan Accounting Association, and National Chengchi University’s Department of Accounting.

Restricted stock adds flexibility to corporate incentive schemes

PwC Taiwan and the Taiwan Corporate Governance Association hosted a seminar on 'the impact of recent changes in company and securities regulations on corporate governance’ at the Taipei International Conference Center on 2o February 2012. For the seminar, which drew an audience of over a hundred corporate leaders, professionals from the Taiwan Securities Central Depository Company were invited to join PwC Taiwan’s team of expert advisors in exploring the effects of regulatory reforms on corporate governance.

Taxes and intangible asset management play key roles for companies expanding into emerging markets

The 2011 European debt crisis remains unresolved and the US is deeply mired in long-term fiscal deficits and high unemployment. The focus of economic growth, meanwhile, has shifted to emerging economies, especially those in Asia and the BRIC countries—Brazil, Russia, India and China. With this in mind, PwC Taiwan began holding separate seminars on January 9 in northern.....

Taiwan chalks up 99 IPOs in 2011, matching PwC's forecast

PwC Taiwan held its third joint on ‘Cross-Strait Capital Market Review and Outlook’ press conference on 4 January 2012, providing a review and analysis of Taiwan’s capital market in 2011, and examining the outlook and IPO market forecast for 2012.