M&A Advisory

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When organic growth does not satisfy the needs of your shareholders, or you would like to dispose of non-core business or assets, PwC can help you achieve your goals strategically. Our corporate finance experts can assist you access new markets, assets, technologies, personnel, intellectual property and sources of finance. We can also assist you to restructure the asset base of your business by disposing of underperforming assets or non-core parts of the business.

We are recognized as the leading M&A adviser in Taiwan by number and value of deals. We provide a full range of M&A and financial advisory services across all industry sectors, from acquisitions to raising finance. Wherever you are in the world, we are able to deploy local teams at short notice - teams that combine our deep industry expertise with local knowledge to focus on your deal.

If this is your situation

  • You are looking for opportunities, wherever they may arise, to generate value by acquiring or merging with a business that offers a good fit.
  • You need to dispose of an asset or division as part of a restructuring or a change in strategic direction.
  • Your industry is consolidating due to globalization and competition, and you are looking for businesses that can offer you a good strategic fit.
  • You are involved in the private equity industry and you need to execute a deal quickly and efficiently.

PwC can help you

  • Our global network in combination with our deep industry expertise means that we are in constant touch with the markets and can spot opportunities and assemble teams to execute a deal as the need arises.
  • We help acquirers evaluate targets, improve their M&A process and set post-close priorities. Our due diligence processes assess how a company generates cash and performs on non-financial measures. It also identifies possible risks or potential issues in foreign operations and evidence of operational weakness.
  • We help sellers to identify appropriate buyers, maintain control and realize greater value by finding weaknesses before buyers do, and working with management to address them, thus unlocking the value of the business to be sold, generating the best price and speeding the sales process.