Licensing Management Services

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In a world of highly competitive markets, global outsourcing, and increasing market pressures, maximizing the value of intangible assets has become a common topic in the boardroom. Whether it is a trademark, trade secret or patent, many companies find that licensing intellectual property (IP) is the strategic answer to maximizing profits from intangible assets. Strategic alliances, licensing agreements, globalization, and an increasingly competitive environment necessitate a proactive, rather than reactive, attitude towards IP.

We have a great many years of experience in matters relating to licensing management and revenue recovery. While we work primarily with licensors, we also assist licensees by reviewing royalty agreements, ensuring compliance and resolving disputes.

Our professionals have extensive IP knowledge and a broad range of industry experience including technology (software, hardware, telecoms, and chip designers), pharmaceuticals, entertainment, publishing, consumer goods (branded products), and manufacturing. The Licensing Management practice has three things that significantly set it apart from the rest: a forensic approach, a well-integrated global network and superior client service. Our forensic approach delves much deeper than a typical "agreed upon procedures" approach which many of our competitors use. Many of our clients operate globally, so having a truly global network that can be deployed anywhere in the world gives PwC unique advantages. And our service to clients adds value that can be seen in the bottom line: In more than 80% of the royalty examinations we undertake for our clients, we uncover underreported revenues due to clerical errors, accounting mistakes or contract misunderstandings.

PwC can help you

  • Assess risks to the license portfolio
  • Develop strategies to manage, monitor and control that portfolio
  • Establish compliance programs for licensing, distribution, pricing and other contractual agreements
  • Conduct forensic-based royalty examinations
  • Carry out commercial reviews of royalty and financial provisions in agreements
  • Advise on royalty rates and licensing fees
  • Assist licensees prepare for a royalty examination
  • Act as expert witness