Independent Expert Opinion

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There is a wide range of circumstances in which an independent opinion of value is required, and each different scenario requires specialist knowledge and the application of specific skills. Courts, regulators, tax authorities, shareholders and businesses will, at different times, all need an objective specialist to provide a valuation of an asset or business. The context and purpose of the valuation determine the approach that needs to be taken to provide an appropriate opinion.

If this is your situation

  • You are planning on conducting an investment, disposal or securitization and need a fairness opinion regarding the value of underlying target.
  • In the event of a merger or acquisition, an objective verification of the values inherent in a transaction using an exchange of shares is required to confirm that the mechanism in use offers appropriate value. Similarly, where an asset is exchanged for an equity stake in a business, an independent valuation is required to demonstrate the appropriate value of the in-kind contribution.
  • In commercial disputes, courts require a completely independent and objective analysis of disputed assets. In these circumstances the opinion is given solely at the behest of the court and total objectivity is vital.
  • In shareholder disputes, an opinion is often required by shareholders to verify valuations in the event of an issue of share options which dilute existing holdings.

PwC can help you

  • Our valuation specialists possess leading-edge technical expertise enabling them to assess the value of an asset portfolio in different transaction structures and deliver a fairness opinion report.