Forensic Technology Solutions

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With more than 90% of all business records now created and stored electronically, no inquiry process can be truly comprehensive without giving consideration to these records. As a result, the recovery and analysis of electronic data has become an essential part of investigations and dispute resolution.

Efficiently and effectively identifying, preserving, retrieving and analyzing electronic data in support of an investigation is fundamental to understanding and resolving disputes, and requires that the following questions be addressed:

  • What relevant electronic and hard copy records exist?
  • Where is the information located and what systems contain relevant data
  • Have appropriate steps been taken to avoid overwriting data that could result in spoliation claims?
  • Do backups exist? And if so, how and where are they maintained?

Our teams are backed by the most sophisticated research capabilities available. In secure computer labs located around the world, PwC’s forensic technology experts use advanced proprietary tools and data mining techniques to identify fraud patterns; electronic document management to retrieve paper records; and forensic computing to capture and manage evidence. Data is analyzed using the same meticulous techniques employed by law enforcement and regulatory agencies - ensuring that the evidence we uncover is fully admissible in court. Our forensic teams are able to process huge volumes of documents, emails, and accounting data to support legal disputes or investigations. Companies also frequently call on our technical expertise to expose computer misuse or cybercrime.