Forensic Accounting & Financial Investigations

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Corporate crime poses a real and substantial threat to business stability. Undetected and unchecked, it can create costly long-term problems. Dealing with suspicions of white-collar crime requires much more than simple know-how. It requires speed, sensitivity and discretion. It also requires in-depth knowledge of the legal and regulatory framework in each jurisdiction.

We bring unparalleled technological and human resources to investigating fraud, and to analyzing and reducing vulnerability to all forms of business crime.

Areas of specialization include

  • Anti-money laundering measures
  • Asset misappropriation investigation
  • Corruption & bribery controls and investigation
  • Uncovering financial misrepresentation
  • Regulatory investigations

We appreciate the need to stop illegal activity, safeguard your company's assets and reputation, prevent recurrences, and arrive at a resolution, all with as little disruption as possible to the regular flow of business. 

During their investigations, our forensic experts pursue a four-front strategy

  • Minimize business disruptions, financial loss, and reputational damage;
  • Identify the perpetrators and uncover actionable evidence;
  • Trace and retrieve stolen/missing assets as fully as possible;
  • Recommend and/or implement effective remedial action to forestall future incidents