Pre-Deal Restructuring / Carve-out

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When organic growth does not satisfy the needs of your shareholders, or when you would like to dispose non-core businesses or assets, PwC can help you develop a comprehensive, strategic plan for restructuring, starting from setting the goal of the transaction, relationship building between core-business and stakeholders, to analyzing the potential risks of the transaction.

Key issues of pre-deal restructuring:

  • How to evaluate targets? Have the one-off costs of restructuring been estimated? How to evaluate the values of the transaction?
  • Has the business scope between the target and parent companies been clearly defined?
  • Is there a more cost-efficient operating model for the target?
  • Has the need for transitional services and other long-term agreements been identified?
  • Is there any plan being clearly established to ensure the transaction will proceed smoothly?

Our solutions:

Conduct a comprehensive feasibility assessment of the restructuring plan by taking into various perspectives including finance, assurance, tax, legal, and management, to help the client identify appropriate buyers.

Plan the process for the chosen proposal, develop the appropriate management structure for the current business operating model, as well as optimize the practical value of the transaction.