IPO in Taiwan

View this page in: 中文 In 2008, as part of its capital market liberalization policy, the Taiwan government amended the stock exchange rules to actively encourage foreign businesses to list in Taiwan. It also relaxed restrictions on the qualifications of foreign issuers and the use of raised funds. Now, as long as foreign issuers and Taiwanese businesses established abroad meet the relevant requirements, they can readily apply to list on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE) or the over-the-counter GreTai Securities Market (GTSM).

Taiwan’s capital market can now truthfully boast unsurpassed advantages for many firms: an extremely tech-savvy investing public, proximity and access to the greater China market, big savings on listing costs, and outstanding share price performance. Both IPOs and secondary listings (Taiwan Depositary Receipts) are available as listing options, and funds can be remitted for investment in any offshore territory, including China. As commerce and investment across the Taiwan Strait flourish, more and more companies will be making Taiwan their first choice for a successful share listing.


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